The purpose of estate planning is to ensure that your assets end up in the hands of those that you wish, after you've passed. You can also reduce the amount of taxes paid on the money by having a proper estate plan in place. It will ease the duties of family members, after you're gone. Often times, there can be many complications with your finances, if you aren't around to settle the disputes. With an estate plan, those issues may be properly mitigated. Your family may be in a much better place to deal with your passing if you have a plan in place. All of your assets need to be divided and distributed to your heirs. Along with an estate plan, you may need to plan for probate services. Probate services take care of your properties, including savings accounts and possessions, for the successors, dependents and named beneficiaries. Without probate services, these activities can become a difficult task for said beneficiaries. If you need assistance with estate planning or probate proceedings, contact Attorney Jerry D Reed!